SGL Helping Laboratories Cut Costs

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How can SGL help your lab?

SGL is helping many customers reduce their laboratory costs without compromising on quality by supplying our pre-poured culture media solutions.

All businesses are under pressure with rising energy prices and higher consumables, raw materials, and overhead costs.  Is it time to get a comparison quote from SGL and see what saving you can make?

  • The cost of preparing media in-house has increased considerably as it is both energy and labour-intensive. Compare buying in our fully QC-tested pre-poured media with your in-house manufacturing cost, and you will be surprised how much you can save.
  • SGL offers flexibility in a wide range of formats. Flexibility in fill volume, batch size, and long shelf life means our product fits your process, allowing you to maximise efficiency in the laboratory workflow.
  • Recycle and Reuse formats. As opposed to disposable pre-poured media formats, SGL can also offer bottled media on a recycle and reuse basis. This can save £££s by recycling expensive bottles & caps. Already adopted by many facilities, this also significantly reduces glass & plastic waste helping companies meet their carbon-neutral targets.
  • As well as pre-poured plates, SGL can supply convenient, ready-to-use bottled agars. The bottled agar is melted and poured out into Petri dishes for both spread plate and poured plate methods. Room temperature storage and a 12-month shelf life allow for efficient stock management.
  • Bespoke media solutions. Is your in-house formulation becoming difficult to manage? Volumes increasing? Components or QC difficult to manage? Is the media performance inconsistent? We can commercially manufacture your in-house formulation. Adopting your format, fill volume, packaging, or QC requirements. Providing consistently high-quality media when you need it.


A supplier of standard pre-poured media formats required in all microbiology applications, as well as bespoke pre-poured media solutions, SGL can offer competitively priced pre-poured culture media on a like-for-like basis against all major suppliers. SGL is an independent manufacturer and utilises a large network of global suppliers, keeping our costs lower.

Pharmaceutical & Cosmetic – Pharmacopoeia-compliant media for all critical and non-critical manufacturing. Media for environmental monitoring, sterility testing, and bio-burden analysis. A full range of accompanying neutralisers, diluents, and rinse fluids.

Food & Beverage – ISO 11133 compliant pre-poured media enrichment broths and diluents. SGL already supplies many large food testing laboratories, and all standard method products are available from stock. Offering good shelf life on products supplied and flexibility on ordering to reduce laboratory waste.

Water & Environmental – SGL is one of the largest UK providers of pre-poured microbiological culture media for all applications in water testing ranging from the estimation of overall numbers of culturable micro-organisms right through to the highly sensitive detection of waterborne contamination and the specific isolation of Legionella pneumophila. SGL is experienced in supplying high-throughput environmental laboratories and maximises value on a cost-per-test basis.

Bespoke Solutions – SGL is a specialist in manufacturing bespoke pre-poured microbiological media. Where formulation, formats, and QC can all be tailored to suit your process. SGL also specialise in taking on proprietary formulations. Saving both time and cost in the production of these formulations in-house. Along with improving quality and consistency in the finished products.

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30 Years Supplying High Quality Microbiology Products

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2022 marks SGL’s 30th year manufacturing high quality microbiology products for all applications. Starting with just 7 employees and 1000sqft (with no cleanroom!), now occupying 30,000sqft with over 80 staff. The business originally focused on bottled culture media for clinical testing, but over time has diversified to cover all sectors. Pharmaceutical & Cosmetic, Food & Beverage, Water & Environmental as well as Clinical testing environments.

Joann joined SGL in 1992 as a production worker making bottled media, now 30 years later is production manager overseeing bottled media production operations. Responsible for producing over 9 million bottles of pre-poured media per year…

“The part time hours never worked out as from the start we hit the floor running and I’ve been full time ever since. I’ve always enjoyed working with the team of people that I do, we have always managed  to get staff that have a great work ethic and like the challenges that SGL brings.

Things have changed greatly over the years, the best times for me being when we worked from a little unit with just the six of us. I have made some great lifetime friends some still here, some have gone on to do new things but we still have a few who were here from the very early days. I’ve learned new skills and I’ve been given some really good opportunities to progress within the company. Although I am now a manager I will always be a production worker at heart!”

Commercial Director Ben Shakespeare – Son of Managing Director and founder Dr Mike Shakespeare joined the business 10 years ago “Having worked now for 10 years at SGL, seeing how much the company has developed over that time, how we have expanded our customer base, grown our production operations and most importantly elevated the SGL brand in the marketplace. I am excited about what we can achieve in the future. Our future expansion plans are already in progress, and we see opportunity to continue to grow our business globally, supporting microbiology laboratories around the world”

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SGL Makes Product Technical Data Sheets (TDS) Available Online

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SGL have been compiling Technical Data Sheets (TDS) for our products to provide you with details of product formulations and critical testing that is undertaken.

We now have a TDS for most of our most frequently ordered products on our website here, and we are working on creating this document for all outstanding products.

As a result, we will no longer be sending out any internal product test specifications or production records and we will now direct all customers to the applicable TDS on our website.

There currently are still some products that do not have a TDS, please contact us if the TDS for a particular product is not available online and we will provide one.

Please note that Product Technical Data Sheets (TDS) and Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) can be accessed from two locations on our site.

  1. At the top of any SGL webpage,  the grey banner strip tab titled ‘Technical Data Sheets & Material Data Safety Sheets’.
  2. The specific product page on the website in the ‘Downloads’ section under the product image.

SGL Transitions early to new ISO17025 Standard for Testing

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The Standard on which SGL’s UKAS Testing accreditation is based ISO17025, was revised and re-issued in 2017. While most of the stipulations are similar, the structure of the standard has been completely revised and new requirements have been added, particularly regarding management of risks, impartiality and confidentiality.

All UKAS accredited laboratories must transition to the new standard by 30 November 2020.

SGL decided to make the transition at the first opportunity in August 2018. We re-wrote our quality manual in line with the new standard and implemented the new requirements. The UKAS Transition Template (available on the UKAS website) was very useful in identifying the areas UKAS consider to be most significant.

At our recent (August) UKAS visit, SGL was  assessed against the new standard and no findings were raised. The transition has proceeded very smoothly and SGL were reported by UKAS to be only the second laboratory in our sector to attempt the change.

After the normal review by the UKAS decision making team, our transition has been granted (on 19/9/18), and our UKAS certificate and schedule of accreditation have been updated. These are available to view on the SGL website.

Consider a change to your existing media supply…

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With 25 years experience making prepared media SGL provides quality ready prepared media for environmental monitoring and process validation within pharmaceutical, cosmetic, toiletry and other associated industries. SGL is uniquely placed to offer the quality, continuity and flexibility required by modern industry. See our range of Aircheck and Surfacecheck plates for environmental monitoring or our range of Pharmacopoeia compliant Liquid Media solutions for sterility testing, Bio-Burden and preservative efficacy testing applications.

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