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Media Bags from SGL

SGL has recently added a needle-free injection site option for all bagged media products.

This allows the transfer of media or samples simply using a syringe without the use of a hypodermic or other spike device. This solution eliminates the coring effect seen in conventional rubber stopper-based ports and improves operator safety by omitting sharp needles.

The easy-to-use option is ideal for those in hospital pharmacy and pharmaceutical microbiology testing environments who want a safer and simpler infusion bag.

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Available as standalone bagged media products or as part of the Stericheck™ Operator Validation Pack under the SGL code OVP-C

Two types of needle-free infusion bags are available, one with an uncapped port and one with a separate cap protecting the port access point.

Needle-free Injection Site Available

Swabable with Hermetic Seal, Female Luer Lock and Tubing Port with Removable Cap
Swabable, Female Luer and Tubing Port

These ports are both swabable, needleless injection sites equipped with luer-activated valves opened by the stem of a male luer.

Custom port configurations are available

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