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How can SGL help your lab?

SGL is helping many customers reduce their laboratory costs without compromising on quality by supplying our pre-poured culture media solutions.

All businesses are under pressure with rising energy prices and higher consumables, raw materials, and overhead costs.  Is it time to get a comparison quote from SGL and see what saving you can make?

  • The cost of preparing media in-house has increased considerably as it is both energy and labour-intensive. Compare buying in our fully QC-tested pre-poured media with your in-house manufacturing cost, and you will be surprised how much you can save.
  • SGL offers flexibility in a wide range of formats. Flexibility in fill volume, batch size, and long shelf life means our product fits your process, allowing you to maximise efficiency in the laboratory workflow.
  • Recycle and Reuse formats. As opposed to disposable pre-poured media formats, SGL can also offer bottled media on a recycle and reuse basis. This can save £££s by recycling expensive bottles & caps. Already adopted by many facilities, this also significantly reduces glass & plastic waste helping companies meet their carbon-neutral targets.
  • As well as pre-poured plates, SGL can supply convenient, ready-to-use bottled agars. The bottled agar is melted and poured out into Petri dishes for both spread plate and poured plate methods. Room temperature storage and a 12-month shelf life allow for efficient stock management.
  • Bespoke media solutions. Is your in-house formulation becoming difficult to manage? Volumes increasing? Components or QC difficult to manage? Is the media performance inconsistent? We can commercially manufacture your in-house formulation. Adopting your format, fill volume, packaging, or QC requirements. Providing consistently high-quality media when you need it.


A supplier of standard pre-poured media formats required in all microbiology applications, as well as bespoke pre-poured media solutions, SGL can offer competitively priced pre-poured culture media on a like-for-like basis against all major suppliers. SGL is an independent manufacturer and utilises a large network of global suppliers, keeping our costs lower.

Pharmaceutical & Cosmetic – Pharmacopoeia-compliant media for all critical and non-critical manufacturing. Media for environmental monitoring, sterility testing, and bio-burden analysis. A full range of accompanying neutralisers, diluents, and rinse fluids.

Food & Beverage – ISO 11133 compliant pre-poured media enrichment broths and diluents. SGL already supplies many large food testing laboratories, and all standard method products are available from stock. Offering good shelf life on products supplied and flexibility on ordering to reduce laboratory waste.

Water & Environmental – SGL is one of the largest UK providers of pre-poured microbiological culture media for all applications in water testing ranging from the estimation of overall numbers of culturable micro-organisms right through to the highly sensitive detection of waterborne contamination and the specific isolation of Legionella pneumophila. SGL is experienced in supplying high-throughput environmental laboratories and maximises value on a cost-per-test basis.

Bespoke Solutions – SGL is a specialist in manufacturing bespoke pre-poured microbiological media. Where formulation, formats, and QC can all be tailored to suit your process. SGL also specialise in taking on proprietary formulations. Saving both time and cost in the production of these formulations in-house. Along with improving quality and consistency in the finished products.

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