De Man, Rogosa & Sharpe (MRS) Broth, Bijou

A medium for the cultivation and enumeration of Lactobacillus spp


Container Bijou
Available fill size(s) (ml) 3
Neck width (mm) 18
Caps PP, Metal
Shelf life 12 months
Storage Temp 2-25oC
Appearance Clear brown or pale straw-coloured liquid
Recommended Incubation 30 - 37oC
pH 5.7 +/-0.2

Quality Control

Organisms Ref. No Result
Lactobacillus sakei ATCC 15521 Good growth
Lactococcus lactis ssp. Lactis ATCC 19435 Good growth
Pediococcus damnosus ATCC 29358 Good growth

Supporting Documents

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