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The Universal Operator Broth Transfer Validation Pack is designed specifically as an easy to use all-in-one kit for process simulation to test aseptic operations in hospitals, pharmaceutical and other cleanroom environments.

Training in contamination control is an essential part of maintaining GMP, and testing operator technique on a regular basis, so that high operational standards are maintained is critical. The Stericheck pack contains all the sterile components required to perform an operator aseptic broth transfer test. Manufactured by SGL to a high specification this convenient all in one kit facilitates the training of operators in critical applications.

*Components as defined in the NHS Pharmaceutical Aseptic services committee guideline for Universal Operator Broth transfer validation:

1 x 10ml TSB Ampoule

1 x 50ml TSB Injection Vial

1 x 100ml TSB Infusion Bag

3 x Sterile empty 20ml injection vials

SGL manufactures all the individual components streamlining the supply and reducing delivery times.

The individual components are all terminally sterilised and tightly held within a moulded recyclable plastic foam insert. The box is plastic correx and it is sealed within an outer plastic pouch – no cardboard or paper labels are present which further reduces any potential bioburden to the cleanroom.

Two versions of Sericheck are currently available from stock OVP-A & OVP-B.

The Kit can also be customised to suit individual requirements. To discuss a custom solution Contact Us

Stericheck OVP-A

OVP-A Containing: 3 x empty 20ml injection vials sterilised by gamma irradiation. Vials are amber/brown from this treatment and opaque.

Stericheck OVP-B

OVP-B Containing: 3 x 20ml vials sterilised by autoclaving. Vials are clear glass and will contain a small trace of water from steam sterilisation.

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